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Family Values and Quality Education

Quality Education

What’s the problem?

Alaska ranks #36 in higher education and #49 in education for K-12. My main issue with these statistics is that we used to be better. The classroom should be a place that values and promotes learning and empowers educators to inspire students.

Education is the great equalizer in life. I had a difficult childhood, yet I was fortunate to have had a 4th grade teacher who cared. He told me that the best way I could change my own circumstances in life was to develop a passion for learning, and he was right. I support our University, UAF serves as an economic driver and plays a vital role in workforce development.

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Quality Education

What do we do about it?

Education is a complicated subject, but we must get down and look into this issue because it directly impacts the future of our state. I believe that we can get to a better place with education outcomes by doing the following:

  • We need to refocus on educating the children of our state in the areas that best assist them with life after school. Math, Science, Reading, and Writing are fundamental skills that make us all equal, regardless of where you come from in life. 

  • On top of the fundamentals in education, we also need to focus the curriculum on things that children will need when they have finished school and move on to being productive members of society. Emphasis should be placed on financial literacy as well as trades. We owe it to our children to  make sure they are as prepared as possible. 

  • Legislators must attempt to address the huge costs associated with Health Care and Insurance. Educators can and should have good benefits, but inflationary pressures and inefficient design eat more and more education funding every year. With more funding directed to administrative costs, less money makes its way into the classroom.  

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