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Let's Keep Moving 
Fairbanks  Forward!

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   I’m Running for Reelection

To continue the progress, we’ve made in creating a sustainable future for our community. My commitment to fight for Cheap Energy for the Interior has been unwavering, as I believe that every household deserves access to affordable and reliable energy. This is not just about comfort, but about driving the economic engine of our town.

Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability in Government Spending are the cornerstones of my campaign. I stand for prudent management of our resources, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment in our community’s prosperity. For the last two years I have advocated for transparency and worked to hold the state accountable for every expenditure, ensuring that our money is respected and well-utilized. Keeping government spending in check and working to reduce wasteful expenditures go hand in hand with Protecting the Permanent Fund

Responsible Resource Development is critical for economic growth and development in the Interior. Ensuring these projects are safe and beneficial for the future of our community helps put Fairbanks on the road to a brighter future.   

I am dedicated to ensuring we have Safe Neighborhoods where families can thrive without fear. Through collaborative efforts with law enforcement and community leaders, we will continue to foster an environment of security and trust.

Healthcare is a critical issue that touches the lives of all citizens. My goal is to make Affordable Healthcare a reality, reducing the financial burden on families and ensuring that quality medical care is within reach in Fairbanks.

Lastly, the foundation of a strong community lies in Quality Education. I am committed to advocating for better outcomes for our schools, University, supporting our teachers, and providing our children with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Ft. Wainwright brought me to Fairbanks in 2006 when I enlisted in the Infantry to fight in the wars. Representing you and our district is a great privilege. Your support is for a brighter, more resilient future. I believe we can continue to build a community that stands strong on the pillars of economic development, sustainability, accountability, safety, health, and education.


Thank you for Voting.



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